Easy Peezy Healthy Mac and Cheese

The star of this meal is Chickapea Mac n' Cheese

The last year was really busy for me, and while normally I would take pleasure in cooking a diverse array of vegan meals, I had to simplify. Even though I didn't have as much time to prepare meals, it was still just as important as ever to make sure that I was fueling myself properly. 

I was able to achieve that by meal prepping lots of chia puddings, eating healthy snacks, and discovering Chickapea's Mac n' Cheese! I already loved Chickapea pasta, which is a high protein, high fibre pasta made entirely out of chickpea flour, and then I found that they also had a Mac N' Cheese! 

The macaroni noodles themselves take only 5 minutes to cook, and all of the ingredients in the cheese sauce are incredibly simple. It contains nutritional yeast, sweet potato powder, pumpkin powder, tapioca starch, cauliflower powder, sea salt, paprika, onion powder, and garlic powder! How wonderful is that?!

So, what I would do for a yummy, quick, balanced meal, was make the Mac n' Cheese, throw in some frozen peas or broccoli into the boiling pasta water just before I drained it, and then throw in some Beyond Sausage that I fried up in a pan.

There's your whole meal that can be done in about 15 minutes and contains veggies, complex carbs, tons of fibre, and is super high protein! 


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