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Hollywood Revelation : I Don't Have to Die Here

If you know me or if you've been reading my story , then you'll know that I met God later in life. Around four years ago, on a trip to Cambodia with Eckhart Tolle's book in hand, I encountered my first glimpse of the divine.  The experience came at a low point in my life which many Christians would refer to as ' the cross .' It's often the case that we find God when we've suffered all that we can bear and don't want to do it on our own anymore. We come to realize that we don't actually want things to go our way... because our way hasn't brought us the happiness we thought it would.  The beautiful thing about coming to know God is that I feel myself growing in his love everyday. As a child raised by atheists, it's taken some time to open up to this process. Though I felt tremendously relieved after my first experience in Cambodia, there would be far more that I would learn and discover on my walk in the faith.  For one thing, back then God wa

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