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Rome Marathon, Honestly

I'm of the mindset that when we speak and think about wonderful and beautiful things it helps to bring about more of it in life , so I've been conditioned to make the topic of my conversation and of my writing about all of the things that are positive.  That is why among my unpublished drafts I have a blog titled, "The Wish that You Dream Will Come True." I can't remember what it was that I was thinking about at the time, but something magical without a doubt. On the contrary, though, it's the sensational, negative headlines that capture our attention. It has to do with the way we've evolved to be alerted by danger. In the modern world, even when we are not in danger we're constantly inundated by terrible happenings that are completely outside our sphere of control. Reading about them evokes a reaction in us that is similar to what we would experience if we were in actual danger.  It's for that reason that I put myself on a "low-information d

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