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Big Bear Marathon: My Boston Qualifying Marathon Experience

I ran Revel Big Bear Marathon the other day , and this was my experience.  Big Bear Marathon If you're already considering running Big Bear Marathon in California, there's a good chance you're probably after your BQ ( Boston Qualifying Time). I can't exactly remember if that's why I initially signed up (I signed up before I even completed my first marathon) or if it was a mixture of its fast course, the stunning views, and the fact that it was in November which would have lined up perfectly with my move to LA (it didn't happen in time - but more on that later).  The Big Bear Marathon is touted as a super fast marathon and advertised specifically to help you get your BQ. Its tagline is "Beautifully Fast," and it was. This list of marathon courses , which uses an "algorithm derived from research on how grade and elevation affect marathon running performance," ranks Big Bear as the third fastest marathon, with ~35 percent of its participants a

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