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A Very LA Morning

The most peculiar thing happened on my hill run this morning.  I was listening to a chapter of  The Untethered Soul   about the voice inside your head. It went on and on and on about that incessant, annoying, nagging, unuseful voice that never stops talking and commenting on the world around you.  It continued by pointing out that even when you sit down to relax and watch television, there it will go again, judging everything you see on the screen, T hat girl with the red hair looks just like your ex wife. That awful woman, and all of the terrible things that she’s ever done to you.   As I huffed and puffed up the hill it became too much. I needed a break from the voice inside my headphones which was replicating that nasty, horrible, incessant voice. Phewf,  went the voice inside my head. Now I could hear my own voice talking.  Maybe the voice inside my head wanted me to turn it off because it hated being spoken about so disparagingly, and it came to its own defense.  Whatever. Stop th

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