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Fascinating Rhythm! Getting started and getting robbed in LA

I’m not the kind of person you would describe as “novelty-seeking.” I’m not one that’s always looking for new and exciting things to spice up my life. I stay close to home and like to get to bed on time. I’m early to rise, and my greatest pleasures really come from having a coffee and reading a book on the patio in the sunshine.  It might seem like I’m after an adventure because I just moved from Canada to LA, but that was really because I wanted to be able to go for pleasant walks every day of the year. I find major life events like moving (even across town) entirely overwhelming. There was some relief when I arrived to LA because I had successfully escaped the cold and got to soak up some sun, and that affects my mood profoundly. But I still had an uneasiness as I thought ahead to the next couple of years in a new place.  By the grace of God shortly after I got here I was contacted about the most perfect job. A feature filming in LA with the script, cast, and production team that see

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