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An Atheist Walks into a Church

A couple of months before the world went into quarantine in 2020, I was driving down a long, dusty dirt road between Vietnam and Cambodia on the middle seat of a bus. I was on a sort of quest, a Tomb Raider style quest, to explore the ruins of Angkor Wat in an attempt to take my mind off a brutal attack on the heart. I was a few pages into A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, a book that was recommended to me on a sort of wellness retreat I partook in a couple months earlier for the same reason. It was on that leg of the journey,  passing by an infrastructure of tangled power lines that dipped so low to the ground they were propped up by flimsy sticks, that I lifted my gaze from the pages of the book and looked out the window at the world as if seeing it for the first time. With the same eyes I always had, I could see with new clarity. Eckhart, after I had spent some indulgent days on rooftop bars above the colorful lights of Saigon City, spoke to an undiscovered part of me on page 22 when h

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