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Ventura Marathon: My Third Marathon Experience and My Third Date With Sam

We were three days out from the Ventura Marathon and California was getting torrential rainfall and a historical winter storm advisory . It had been raining so much in the days and weeks prior that highways were being flooded and some towns north of LA were closed due to mudslides. In light of this, Sam and I had just received emails from the race organizers that were giving us the option to defer. It was the logical choice but we decided to wait it out. When I first signed up for Ventura marathon it was back in November while I was still in Canada. It was sort of a celebratory run that I registered for on the day that I received US Visa status, so being able to participate had a special meaning for me.  Sam, on the other hand, had just agreed to the race a week before, and we had only met each other a week before that. Our first date was two days before Valentines day on a hike at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena, and he had been away on a work trip ever since.  Over the phone he expressed t

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